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Gas engines, CHP and CCHP

With distributed generation CHP, or CCHP the latest, technologies such as package chiller units, heat recovery units, and combustion turbines are used at or on a site close to your business.
Distributed generation has taken an old idea of a power plant on every corner and improved it with local renewable energy, cogeneration, and on-site power.  Combined heat and power is increasing in commercial buildings, hospitals and government buildings while on-site renewable energy is taking off for residential and commercial buildings.
Satarco is also capable of providing services in this field such as: 
1. Conducts an initial site assessment and high-level technology screening to determine your needs.
2. Assists with second level, more in depth feasibility study.
3. Installs, operates, and maintains the latest versions of CHP equipment and interconnecting switchgear necessary to equip your building for distributed generation.