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Over 30 years of experience in the market
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Supplying and manufacturing the most high-tech spare parts for different types of rotating machines
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SATARCO is an independent manufacturer and supplier of turbine parts and accessories for major land gas turbine systems of power generation plants, electric utilities, and the oil & Gas industry, as well as repair facilities within Europe and across the globe. The original company was formed some 30 years ago. SATARCO has been close associate (Sales Rep. & Distributer) of different divisions of General Electric Energy from 1989 to 2005. As of 2005, SATARCO has continued independently and is now manufacturing some of the most advanced hot gas path components of these gas turbines.

Power Generation

Manufacturing and supplying different spares used in gas and steam turbines with

Oil and Gas

Manufacturing and supplying of different spare parts for Gas/Steam turbines and different types of compressors such as Centrifugal and Reciprocating.


Our policy to anticipate market demands and procure certain equipment and keep them in our inventory in UAE.


The most talented and experienced engineers of gas turbine industries have been gathered in our technical department to respond to all types of technical consultancy needs among all our costumers Utilizing a wide spread sales network who are in regular contact with utilities as well as headquarters

Global references

Recognized reputation arising from long time presence in the market supplying high quality parts. Customer’s trust and confidence to us raised from various previous successful completed projects.

Financial Resources

Offering various financial options time by time and according to customers’ requirements such as: Payment in local currency, Payment in installment, Accepting deferred payment usance L/C

Some of our Products

Over 30 years of experience

Global services all around the world

Supply Chain management

Professional technical experts

Upgrade solutions for power plants

Some of our Costumers